Here’s the truth. I saw one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life today in Starbucks while I was working. They had me shoved off to the side at the pastry counter. It’s rare that someone is so astoundingly beautiful that there is nothing left to do but laugh. She was wearing a blue and white hat that said “I love (Goobs?)” What’s a goob? I think I could be a goob if she wanted.

I had thought she had left, but I left the counter to do a “cafe check” where we do all the Cinderella stuff, and I saw her sitting at the laptop tables by herself, and praise God there were little crummies on her table, and I had the rag! I was ready to go. A clever comment had slipped to the edge of my tongue, or so I thought. The big moment came. Rag in hand, wiping crumbs away, and I opened my mouth and all that came out was “Excuse me.” But the excuse me as in “pardon me”, not as in “excuse me” that leads to something else like “You are so beautiful I forgot my own name.” I went back and swept at her table later. (Not so many crumbs there, but I pretended.) The invisible forcefield around her made me stretch the broom handle, unnaturally, at full arms length as if I was setting the record for sweeping up trash from the farthest distance possible. One day I’m gonna make her coffee. Maybe I will read her name and make some great eye contact, and when I hand her her drink, I might spill it on her just so she notices me. I better start planning that.

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  1. Oh my gosh Jackson I love this blog! It’s the rest one I have read and I can already tell I am hooked. Interesting, funny, deep, not to long, just right. I am excited to read more. Keep them coming! Proud of you.

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