The Smack Down

I’m so angry at everything right now. This semester has been the most unholy, aggravating, busy, stressbubbling, ridiculously overloaded one yet. It’s so stupid how students have to play along with the game and act like we can read 200 pages in one night. Really, I’m writing for health reasons to single out my frustrations with my class called Foundations for Technical and Professional Writing.

Just when I thought my semester was looking up, and I had survived the near death “Smack Down” that was these first four weeks, I then find out I’ve missed a blog assignment completely, and the book I was pretending to read (“Connected”. It is a hideous heinous anus orange color) along side of my other billion pages of books, is what we are going to have to discuss and post about in my next class. Part of me thought if I just worked my ass off and did what was humanly possible of me to do that it would pay off, but the leech of school keeps on sucking. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t college kids have to cook, do dishes, sleep, and shit, and bathe like the rest of us. Even practically, I can’t read in the shower or it will destroy the book that I bought for quadruple of what it was worth in the first place.

I’m feeling the “Smack Down” hard today, and to make things worse, my dumb trailer trash  neighbors down the street (I saw them for the first time, and apparently I already know enough about them to label them that harshly) are making turkey calls since obviously they don’t have homework to do. They are just decked out in camouflage and calling for the three lady turkeys so they can shoot them, so now I can’t blog about them anymore. FFFFFFF the world! I will blog about invisible turkeys!

P.S. I will regret posting this later, but right now I’m loving every bit of it.

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