Throwing Me Off, But It’s Oh So Nice!

Today I alloted a co-worker 3 minutes, and in that three minutes that person had zero grace. One more snippy-ass comment and then boom goes the dynamite. (BTW the “3 minute” tactic comes from my older brother John) I highly recommend it even though it might potentially get you fired or, at the very least, criminal charges pressed against you.

I’m aware of how unhealthy anger can become, but this co-worker did something to put the icing on top of the cake, or more appropriately I should say whip cream because that is what my co-worker accidentally sloshed on my face. But lucky for my co-worker it wasn’t during the 3-minute Atomic temper hazard moment. At one point I was so angry that I completely forgot how to make frappuccinos, and there were at least 5 drinks waiting to me made.

And then it happened. I was thrown off oh so terribly, but did I steam my angry co-worker’s face in 160 degree milk? No, because it wasn’t my co-worker who threw me off. It was the most beautiful girl in the world again, the one who wore the “I love Goobs” hat. Placing the white grande lid on tightly, I called out “a blobbity bloop blah” for Sarah. Reaching my hand over the counter, I looked up and she saw me! If my brain didn’t jolt from her beauty, I might have remembered what her drink was so I could have asked for that when I got my free grande drink for the day.

For now, this story ends here, although I am tempted to search through 1,000’s of Sarahs on  Facebook, but I won’t. Next step. ?????!!!!!……

We have an update. Mystery girl came into Starbucks again today. Why do I call her mystery girl? Because today the name “Sierra” was written on her cup! The one thing I thought I knew about her has suddenly been taken away from me. Sarah vs. Sierra. I have no clue which one it is. (I prefer Sarah..unless her name is of course Sierra.)

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