The Hunger Games (And A Top 10 Since People Seem To Like That)

I for one wasn’t going to go hungry at The Hunger Games midnight premier. A quick quickie stop and I was ready to get my game on! I believe God created women to carry purses to sneak snacks into the theater (among many other wonderful reasons), and also my friend Ruth bought a large popcorn, which was the equivalent of at least 5 bags of buttery, salty love.

My favorite part of going to the movies is getting to see the previews. I’d pay $9.00 to sit through 2 hours of them. Shoving Milk Duds & Sour Punch Straws in my mouth while watching “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” and “Snow White & The Huntsman” trailers is  Jackson Brooks Sharpe at his happiest folks!

Obviously, it took near zero intuition to know I needed to use Fandango to get my ticket to The Hunger Games. Fandango is like the common man’s miracle. I got my ticket guaranteed, and didn’t have to wait in either line that wrapped all the way around the theater. The guy at the window said, “You guys can go on in”, and immediately I was better than 300 people, not to mention I was in the theater room with tables that I could eat at, which was fantastic and awful all at the same time because I suddenly wanted to buy bottles of wine and nachos, and candy I don’t even like just because it was on a menu.

So get to the movie right? Katniss Everdeen is my hero now, and when I’m on campus, I’m fully aware in my new mindset that I might have to fight the kid at the vending machine to the death. I wasn’t able to be the book junkie and read The Hunger Games yet, but this Summer I will prostitute myself out to those books, so no worries. The violence was immense, so much so that the camera man shook with fright, and at times I couldn’t tell what was going on. Of course if you haven’t seen the movie I will spoil just a little bit of it for you (you’re welcome!), but here are my most memorable moments from the movie. I hope their will be an even 10, so I can call it my “Top Ten Hunger Games Moments!”

1. When Primrose’s name got picked, I thought about screaming “Why God! Why!!!” And the look on her face made me almost lose my religion.
3. Eleven children sliced to pieces and beat to a pulp in 3 minutes, makes Lord of the Flies look like a bedtime story.
4. Oh the redhead girl! The moment she and Katniss were face to face waiting for the other to strike, but neither did. Haunting and beautiful.
5. The f’ing computer people blazing up the forest and shooting fireballs at Katniss! Cheater-cheaters!
6. Girl from District 1 covered in a guzillion wasps. Possibly the most horrifying movie scene to date.
7. Again, the redhead girl hops the land mines. She kinda should have won the whole thing! Only something as insignificant as berries could have taken her out.
8. Everything about Rue. The white flowers around her small body as she lay dead. Katniss holding up the three fingers in tribute to District 11. The riot to follow.
9. The fight between Katniss and the knife throwing girl. Straight up badass. There was nothing girly about it. And I will combo the lovely death of the knife girl when she is crushed by the dude from District 11. Justice! Yummy!
10. The moment I could “berry” take. Katniss and Peeta try to eat the berries that took down red-head, so no one wins. “Just trust me.”
11. (I know I only said 10) But my dad reminded me of the moment Katniss was waiting to go in the tube to the Hunger Games. And the Lady was counting down. Thirty seconds, 20 seconds, 10 seconds. So torturously intense!

So I came up with 10! The next day that movie was all I could think about. In fact I’m blogging about it right now…maybe I should calm down a bit. May the odds be ever in your favor!

5 thoughts on “The Hunger Games (And A Top 10 Since People Seem To Like That)

  1. FOXFACE! I am kind of obsessed with the redhead girl. This entry tells me that I need to see the movie IMMEDIATELY — and you, sir, need to read the books! They own my entire life right now!

    • Yea they show some hallucinations, but they are pretty brief. My best friend Abigail read the books and said they go into more detail there ,but they use her hallucination to set up some past trauma too

      • Now that I have seen the movie twice, I can totally reply to this — and tell you that the first time I saw it, as soon as the coal miners showed up on screen, I almost screamed.

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