As Long As You Have It…

Need I say more? I’m so conflicted! Why is my dream to fight to the death in an arena full of 12 to 18 year olds? I clearly have at least a 4 year advantage on everybody, and I’d automatically win with my Mocking Jay Pin because nothing bad could happen to me. The only other alternative would be falling in love with Katniss and us both getting out of there alive. Yes I’d like that. Of course the Capitol of Panem had the words “made in China” inscribed on the back of my pin, but that’s just to make it look like a decoy. After I finish reading the rest of “Out of Oz” by Gregory Maguire and “The Passage” by Justin Cronin, I am going to read the wonderful Hunger Games Trilogy, so I can feel a tiny bit better about being so obsessed. Hopefully then, the odds will be ever in my favor.

4 thoughts on “As Long As You Have It…

  1. I’m completely jealous of your Mockingjay pin, and when you read the next two books, you’ll realize the full power of my jealousy. Those books are INCREDIBLE.

    • I know!!! I had no idea that the mockingjay pin was so important and then I bought the first book and saw the last one was freaking called “Mocking Jay”! It was the bst $15.00 I EVER spent!

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