Permission Granted.


Yes, I am (ever-so-slightly?) picky. When ordering my free grande drink for the day at Starbucks I told my co-worker “CB” that I didn’t want any brown goopy banana in my Strawberry Smoothy, just yellow thank you. It is perfectly logical. Who wants to eat mushy banana, or the burnt end of french fries, or purple veins in chicken? I had a moment where I remembered how much I appreciate myself when I saw “No Brown” scribbled in black Sharpie in the custom box on my drink. I’m funny!

So I was on register today when my friend Nikki, who was writing cups, leaned in and whispered, “Hey, there’s the girl you like.” Sarah! Not so subtly I turned my head like a weather vane, the winds pointing me towards her beautiful face. When I saw her in line and fiercely tapped the “Print Receipt” button for the blurry faced girl at my register, and quickly blurted “I-can-help-the-next-guest-in-line”, before the other Starbucks goof (*not goob*) got Sarah’s order. Victory!!!!

“Hey what can I help you with?”

“Yea, I want a Grande Vanilla Latte and a piece of Marble Pound.”

Turning to Nikki, I repeated, “Grande Vanilla Latte for…(I almost said Sarah to let her know I remembered her name, but she’d think I was a creep because we have spoken twice: “Excuse me”, and “Can I get that trash for you.”)

“What’s your name?”


Acting surprised I asked, “Sarah with an “h”? But really this was so I could better my chances at stalking her on Facebook. I will admit I have looked through all the Saras and Sarahs at GSU and still haven’t found her.

“Yea, with an “h”.

Leaving to get her Marble Pound Cake, I decided, yes I am going to compliment her. Since I wasn’t nearly as nervous this time, I decided to recycle a compliment that should have came out months ago instead of the whole “Excuse me” fiasco.

“You have really cool style. You remind me of my cousin Judah, and we’re really close. She always dresses really cool.” Normally, I would have looked at the tip jar or the inanimate smudge on the counter top when saying this, but I kept eye contact with Sarah the whole time! Long enough to see in her eyes that she look flattered. I was so relieved to get the compliment out that I don’t remember what she said exactly, but she walked away dazed? She forgot her Marble Pound Cake. Permission to read too deeply into her every move as long as I find evidence in my favor? Permission granted.

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