Literary Review. Run for Your Lives!

Angie J. Mayfield decided to write about a stray dog, who she at first talks of as if he were a man. She says “It was love at first sight”, and then a few clues later, one of them he licked her on the mouth, lets the reader know it is a dog she spies on the side of the road, thankfully.

The story seemed very casual, and sometimes that can be nice, but it wasn’t risky enough for me. When she brought the dog home, her kids fed it hamburgers and fries, and the new puppy licked the cat, and the other dog was jealous. And eventually Angie and her two sons are looking up at the stars as a happy family, and she “Can’t think of one thing to wish for.” Come on Angie, there has to be ONE thing you could wish for. I’m glad you are so happy, but why did I need to read about it. Sorry Angie, I don’t know what came over me. It was very well written and sweet, but I don’t know what was in it for me.

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