Awkward Post.

It’s getting towards the end of the semester where my words leak their meaning, or at least the meaning leaks from myself. I force myself to care, and then force myself to post, but not a picture. For my literary review I read an article “The Hard Part of Community College” by Heal McKnight, which I originally read just because of a mouse-click. 

However, it is an amazing story hiding behind it’s title, and the fact that I judged it because it came from a community college makes me wonder at all the stories I miss. Heal McKnight teaches a boy who he says writes the same stories as everyone else, more or less, but they actually mean something that he can feel, so they are really not at all the same stories. 

One day, the boy stops coming to his class because “students just disappear sometimes…It’s the hard part of community college.” When he comes back he watches the boy’s progress, through  his remembering of his past and keeping his raging emotions at bay so beautifully. Until finally, one day the boy murders two of his closest female friends, and all of his anger from his childhood manifests in murder, and then becomes horror for everyone else. 

And because he was the teacher, he knew the fuller story. And he grieved for the two dead girls and the boy that was “erased.”

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