My Last (And Depressing!) Literary Review

Kelly Palmer, wrote an essay about growing up with her brother Logan in a house with her alcoholic suicidal mother. This was much better than the previous two articles I decided not to post on that were about masturbation and a female dildo wearer. After 17 years of living with her mother (and just 4 months before leaving for “University”), Kelly decided she had to get out of her own home to protect her sanity, even if that meant having to live with the fear that her mother would kill herself. Eventually her brother Logan moved in with a buddy, and now after leaving she questions why she left. Even though her mother was an alcoholic she feels that at least she didn’t abandon her and Logan. The last paragraph should have been left out, except for the fact that I would have thought her mother did kill herself, but thankfully she didn’t. And that’s my last literary review!!! Free the blog!

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