Transformer Explosion: Adapt, GO!

Dinner plans to cook for my friend Ruth, meat on the stove, Playstation 3 set up to play Skyrim after a semester of an inactive gaming life, BOOM…

A transformer exploded. Not the cool kind that turn into cars, the kind that are grey and full of boiling hot tar. If you want to get an entire trailer part neighborhood to do a “meet-n-greet”, cut the power. Suddenly, I found myself outside Trailer 67 with three sets of neighbors all staring at power lines and sharing my sob story-“…I have dinner on the stove.”

Apparently I have a neighbor named Marshall actually fixes giant transformers,”The kind that are bigger than a trailer,” he said. All I could picture was Optimus Prime. Marshall is cool! So with the power out, I thought, “No big deal I will just cook using the microwave.” problem solved. But microwaves need electricity too apparently. Then I thought,”I can just pass the time with music”: stereo doesn’t work. “Well I’ll cut on the fan to cool off”. Nope! My whole life is electricity! 

Within minutes I was forced to revert back to a caveman life with sticks and fire (with the trailer park twist of a pot on the grill). I don’t know how we rigged the mechanism. We were shoving spatulas into the pot handles to lift it onto the fire-pot screen lid, which we then carried inside to dump onto the stove. Dinner was a tremendous effort! But living in a trailer park means you learn to survive. Dinner was a huge (not so huge?) success. There was a wonderful wild flavor to the chili and asparagus that only comes from burnt sticks from the backyard. Somehow after all that work to get dinner right, I made the sweet tea without sugar, which almost means I deserves jail time in South Georgian culture. Basically, I bailed on my trailer and saw the Avengers…and my night SO was avenged. I LOVE that movie. And electricity.

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