It’s A Mario Type of Party

Welcome to the Mario Party. Not only is this N64 game still holding its own with the entertainment level of its modern competition, I still have no problem dedicating an entire night to Peach boinking her head on a numbered cube while competing in outlandish (and sometimes surprisingly inappropriate games!) One of the most unlady like mini-games is one we call the “humping game”, clearly having adult influences where the characters hump the coin box on each other’s back and the humpee loses his/her coins to the humper. The characters even cover their face in shame after the assault. Oh the shame! I have nearly blacked out just laughing while playing this game, but clearly the fun level can be amped up just a bit more aka. tinto verano (otherwise known as sprite and red wine, or as I like to say “instant sangria”). Little advice, Cherios make an excellent red wine pair. Who knew?…I guess I did!

Peach had a glorious start during last night’s festivities, and she racked up around 90 coins. After successfully jumping for a floating, spinning coin, Peach risked her life further, greedily turning for the bag of gold, but her glory was short lived after a tragic fall from the clouds when the checkered platform gave way under her precious pink slippers. In one night she was attacked by a shark, squid, and dazed by cannonball fire. However, her (my?) hubris got the best of her when she payed out 50 coins to steal the star from Wario (my brother Jared), and then karma came into play and Mario (my friend Ruth) stole the star back from peach.

Needless to say, I played Peach a little more humbly from that moment forward. At the end of the game I was the only player to not have a shiny gold star, and things weren’t looking so peachy for the Princess. But low and behold at the award ceremony, so graciously hosted by a Mushroom named Toad, Peach was awarded the “Happening Star” and the “Game Award” (or something of the sort), and even though the kuppa turtle man predicted Peach to make last place, the princess was crowned the winner. Basically it was a Greek tragedy. The prideful character flaw, the downfall, and just throw the American Dream in at the end, and she is a classic hero!

1 thought on “It’s A Mario Type of Party

  1. Yes I am so glad you sent me this. I loved it of course! But we all know Peach would have ever won if DK was playing.

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