The limits on my human capacity to exist are being stretched to boiling in the apple store. Overstimulated is what I was 20 minutes ago. I’m in a silver box room with fluorescent lights in what seems to be the year 2125, and I feel like someone took a katrillion voices, put them in a giant blender and then dumped that noise through a funnel into my ear. And then they got another idea so they took my brain out and used it in a third grade kickball game. I wish there was a plant or flower or a blade of grass growing through the grey concrete floor and I’d go sit by it and feel 0.01% human again.

1 thought on “i-Overwhelmed

  1. I think it’s impossible to go to the apple store and not feel like a robot when you exit. Maybe the new colorful iPhones will start mimicking plants and flowers to bring some life back into the place.

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