A Poem Is Never Late Nor Is It Early


The Bee Isn’t Flying.


Bottling up is good
when you’ve forgotten
full. You can’t remember
how to spill
over clumsily.

A born deer teeters
to it’s feet. When did
stumbling become wrong
and walking right?

Swatted mid-flight,
a bee in the grass,
so rests the tennis racket.
Crawling the highest dandelion,
the bee isn’t flying.


10 thoughts on “A Poem Is Never Late Nor Is It Early

    • Well I actually wrote this poem the other day. It’s basically about how I’ve been feeling, and what I talked to you about in the car about how things change. I think I wrote this the day Mason moved back to Texas. But thank you for reading and understanding. The picture I happened upon in google, so I thought it was an fateful find.

  1. Poetry is not an easy thing to me. It’s like an encoded message that I don’t have a decoder for. After you explained it to me, I thought it was very beautiful. Although I realize it is not fun having to explain your writing. I suppose that is part of the rush, though; writing something so concise and deeply thoughtful without the clutter of abundant wording. It’s like an abstract work of art. It moves you somehow without even understanding it, but when the artist points out the meaning, it becomes even more beautiful!

    • You know I actually really enjoyed explaining it to you haha. But I think even then it’s cool because I can explain it but never fully because it is mainly felt instead of understood. I loved talking with you yesterday working at the play. It was so much fun for me.

  2. This makes me want to yell in adoration about how good it is. It is amazing how you can make me feel so many things with such a short amount of words. My psychology-major studies have beaten qualitative over quantitative into my brain, I believe. The whole thing was marvelous, and I especially liked the stanza about the deer. Please never stop using woodland creatures in your writing because I love it!

    • Kalee I’m thankful for souls like you who can see and feel what others are trying to express. And of course I won’t stop incorporating woodland creatures into my writing. I hope they show up as much as they like.

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