Living off the cusps, bordering on making life up two seconds before it happens, and wearing my “I totally know what I’m doing” face isn’t enough to trick me or you. However, denying myself the “easy”, the “safe” and the ideas that “just make sense” is the only uncomfortable way I know how to live in order to get myself to the unknown and unfamiliar destination l hesitate to call “my dream.” At best I’m letting myself be guided by whims of the heart and simultaneously allowing myself to be tugged by God from within.

I’m 23 years old. I’m from Vidalia, Georgia. I live in Atlanta now. I have a twin. Etc…

– Jackson Brooks Sharpe

(What my blog used to be: Last post “It’s A Mario Type of Party”)

Half of my posts are responses to creative non-fiction articles because I’m getting class credit for this blog, and the rest is just a bunch of tiny stories that I would tell if I were eating at a table with you.

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