I’m thankful Greedy sees me as a gentle giant, even though I occasionally-spontaneously-accidentally kick him or roll on him in bed. He runs away in frantic terror, but I know he’ll love me later.

I had seven more days of my job going into work today. It always happens when you are leaving a place that you start to see it unfold in the most beautiful shade as you let it go. I’ve learned that’s a natural part of moving on and changing your grip because it looks the best in parting (except usually at the very end when the tie is severed in a most definite and necessary way where you are momentarily disgusted so you can completely let go). I see all the amazing teachers who pour their lives out in the tiniest of ways, thousands of ways. They give like the spout of a watering can, and I hate to not see that every day and see the kids who never know they are growing for it.

Significance can be found if you think to look for it, and I did. Good for me right? I looked for it in the number seven, like the seven spirits of God. Today I took on gentleness. And it always perplexes me how magnificent the power is behind the vulnerable traits, as if in their nature some force is taking up for them, like a big brother or sister, making them inherently stronger than anything else. In gentleness there is an assured authority that can make the difference in truth given as a hasty gash versus a reassuring hand, disarming fear and inviting change as if it was your idea to begin with. There is a reason for the saying “gentle giant.” In the same way a cloud can bring shade and in the same turn drop a storm.

In accordance with the whole idea of spirits of God it makes it so much more plausible to agree with a spirit, so it became the energy that I flow in that day. There’s a significant difference in putting yourself “in” something rather than putting something “on.” Then it can begin to work with your muscle memory and become a part of you so that it never leaves, and you can never leave it

Gosh I have to go back and add what Grandma Wikipedia had to say about gentleness. So yeah. What she said.

“a disposition that is even-tempered, tranquil, balanced in spirit, unpretentious, and that has the passions under control. The word is best translated ‘meekness,’ not as an indication of weakness, but of power and strength under control. The person who possesses this quality pardons injuries, corrects faults, and rules his own spirit well”.

4 thoughts on “Gentleness

  1. I guess this rules me out! 😜 I recognize some of the qualities in me until I read the phrase ” passion, Under control ! Maybe fierceness might better describe me because I definitely lose control at times and use my passion to blindly steam roll ahead. Oh well, I enjoyed this entry. You always have a depth to how you perceive and a gift for presenting it in a thought provoking way!

    • Yeah well it’s crazy to try to dip yourself into something like that and see how much of it takes root at first. But it’s definitely something you gotta keep coming back to over and over to get the full experience of it.

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