4 Minutes


Who am I becoming?
Not what’s going on.
Not what can I do.
Who am I becoming?
When I take steps, what
growth am I stepping towards?
Who am I becoming?
Not what will I do next.
Not where will money come from?
Who am I becoming?
Not what have I accomplished.
Not what am I waiting for.
Who am I becoming?
What are the questions I’m
asking myself and what are
their purpose? Change the question to
Who am I becoming?

This poem isn’t what I’d normally post as a poem because it’s just a journal entry wearing a poem. I wanted to create today so I could go to sleep and not have another day where I didn’t put myself out into the world more.

I set my alarm on my phone for 4 minutes and I held a pen in my hand but didn’t write or scratch my head or sling my neck to crack it or have good posture, and I found myself a little more. So please take four minutes and try to do the same and see what comes through.

3 thoughts on “4 Minutes

  1. I love when you create. The highlight of my day occurred when I saw that you had a new post. Continue to create and share. You have so much to give. So much for others to be blessed with. So many to inspire.

  2. I was thinking the other day about how you hadn’t posted in a while. It’s so good to see you writing! Thanks for the writing inspiration. I’ll take your advice and take my own four minutes.

  3. I always get excited to see a notification that you wrote a new post. I’ll take 4 minutes tonight to be a little more myself! Feeling like this poem is hitting close to home.

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